Blane Aden McKoy
Technical documentation
Voice characterizations
Comedic & Dramatic Roles
Live performances
Baritone backing vocals
Languages: English, Mathematics, Fortran, Pascal, C++, Python
(and just barely enough Spanish & German to politely order a beer)

For samples or to schedule auditions, 
please contact 
               Audio Samples:
“The Story of Nuclear Energy” by Isaac Asimov (Librivox solo project 2019, run time ~ 4 hours 30 minutes).  
“Tom Sawyer” by Mark Twain (Librivox group project 2018, see chapters 1, 29 & 30).
Duet on “Wayfaring Stranger” (Traditional hymn) with Elaine Clemow Warn, Polson Montana, July 2014. 
Misc short samples
“The Serenity Prayer” 0:00:45